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Great Lakes Shipwreck Diving Lake Huron: The Dunderberg

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Dan’s Dive Shop’s Matt Mandziuk, his dive mates, Russia’s Alexey Vlasov and California’s Anton Kozhevnikov recently dove The Dunderberg in Lake Huron. They were plunging from the Molly V dive boat on a trip from Liquid Productions with captain Jitka. Becky (Becky Kagan Schott) did not accompany the guys on this dive outing.

According to Matt, weather was coming in so the three of them made some changes during the dive, but when they descended they could see the masts and the deck of the Dunderberg from 80’ down. Visibility was about 60-80 feet.

Sea to Sky

This stunning 187′ 3 masted wooden schooner is largely intact, outside the boundaries of recreational scuba diving. This wreck is regularly visited by professional divers using open circuit and rebreathers. The Dunderberg lies upright at a depth of 170′ on a flat bottomed area 8 km out of Harbor Beach, Michigan, USA in Lake Huron. A stunning alligator figurehead on the bow is one of the greatest draws for divers visiting the wreck. The centreboard ship’s and support beams are a testimony to the pride and workmanship shown back in those days. The Dunderberg also features deadeyes, anchors with anchor chains streaming off the wreck’s sides, rudder remains, a ship gear, mast’s pieces, and more.

The Dungerberg’s fate was blamed on a mate of the Empire State. It was a night collision with that steamer that took the life of one of the six passengers, Mrs. Wilcox the owners wife. The collision was Aug 13, 1868.

Liquid Diving

Thanks to Matt Mandiuk of Dan’s Dive Shop for his video and details on this dive.



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