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Communication is King!

Communication has never been more critical in the history of our industry. We are excited to let you know that we are about to launch a new magazine called “The Edge — Powered by RAID” for digital viewing.

Sea to Sky

The journal was structured to be as inclusive as possible. The Edge is NOT a trade-only publication. It is a journal for all — whoever wants to be divers, qualified divers, divemasters, teachers, teacher coaches, and dive centres; regardless of organization.

Inside, readers will find industry news, articles on global destinations, kit reviews, interviews and tips on becoming a more accomplished diver—no matter what your interest.

Liquid Diving

James Rogers — RAID International’s business director — is quoted as saying, “Our divers have been looking for something new and fresh for some time. RAID is the industry’s best-kept secret; we’re changing that.’

RAID has built on both frequent input from a number of industry experts and its own in-house experience to provide what the diver needs today.

The Edge is a digital-only journal, with no expense or obligation to subscribe.

To subscribe to the magazine, please visit our Dive RAID International Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/diveraid/.

Info Presented by Paul V Toomer, President



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