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Why Scuba Diving is for You!

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“Ever since you were a kid, you’ve wanted to learn to SCUBA dive..”

Why Scuba Diving is for you

This statement could not be more true. For most of us, at some point, the excitement of the beach and water time is profound to say the least. The ocean has an undeniable draw and there is no better way to experience it’s wonders first hand than by learning to SCUBA dive.

Taking that first breath through the regulator underwater is amazing to say the least, and inexperienced divers will be happy to hear that a scuba regulator is even easier to use than a Snorkel! Learning the Open Water skills is also exciting and fun. 

Sea to Sky

Then, on your Open Water Dives you experience the underwater world up close. All of a sudden, you are able to breath effortlessly and stay underwater for likely more than 30 minutes at a time! With the many divers visiting now, marine life have become accustomed to our regular visits. Often fish are curious of SCUBA divers, especially in one of our many great Marine Reserves.

Continuing your SCUBA diving education and training unlocks a whole new perspective. Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver complete your core or primary diver ratings while gaining a PADI Master SCUBA Diver rating puts you in a class of elite Recreational divers. The journey and the rewards are astounding and often life changing. You will meet people with the same interests and build great friendships while exploring the underwater world.

Liquid Diving

It’s an intellectual challenge as much as a practical sporting occupation. 

We learn the sciences of diving, physics, physiological aspects, equipment and how everything works to advance your diving experience. Most of which you will remember, share and build upon for a lifetime… 

Certified PADI Rescue Divers can begin to pursue a career as PADI PRO with the Divemaster course and more. Inspire and lead others as they enter the and indulge in your passion for SCUBA Diving. 

Diver’s of all kinds can also learn and partake in Technical Diving. Through TDI and the use of KISS Rebreathers, underwater exploration takes on yet another new form. With bottom times of up to 3 hours and greater depths you can explore the numerous shipwrecks of world war two and more…

Are you not convinced!? The get started today on your next step in or into SCUBA Diving with Wellingtons Premier Dive Centre; New Zealand Sea Adventures…

Learn more at: https://www.scubadiving.co.nz/



About Author

New Zealand Sea Adventures was established in 1990 by Tony Howell in Titahi Bay. From that beginning the NZ Sea Adventures name grew and became the leading PADI scuba diving training facility in Wellington. On the 12th of October 2000 NZ Sea Adventures was awarded the Wellington Regions only PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre rating. After 14 years the NZSA shop was moved out to Kilbirnie where it remained for four years. In 2008 we moved back home to Mana in Porirua. Here we have continued training excellent Scuba Divers, supplying the best dive equipment available and much much more. Having our own on-site dive pool certainly helps.

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