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Divesoft Presents DIVETALKS: Interactive Livestream Interviews with Experts from the Diving World

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Are you a diving enthusiast craving the opportunity to speak one-to-one with professionals in the field? Then don’t miss out on Divesoft’s new weekly livestream on Facebook, every Thursday afternoon!

With most divers now confined to their homes, Divesoft has created an interactive way to stay involved in conversations revolving around the passion of diving. Effective now, Divesoft presents their new weekly Facebook livestream, DIVETALKS,  in an interview-style format. Joseph Jonathan Bosquez will lead the interviews and discussions, sharing divers’ unique stories of the past and their perspectives on the future of diving. And your interaction is highly encouraged too; you can ask your questions in advance of the event, or in the comments section during the livestream, joining in on the diving family conversation!

Sea to Sky

Joseph Jonathan Bosquez

This show will offer viewers the opportunity to stay connected to the diving world bringing famous scuba divers right into their homes. Each week will feature a special guest from the diving community who will tell his/her story, share experiences, and answer your questions.

With each guest’s unique and varied background, every week is sure to present something new and interesting. The weekly professionals will address topics such as their careers in diving, special discoveries they’ve encountered, and even go into detail regarding their gear and technical setup. There’s something for every type of diver, whether you’re a beginner, advanced technical diver, or simply interested in the conversation.

For a better idea as to what an interview entails, listen to the first interview with renowned Canadian diver Jill Heinerth.

And now, you can start preparing your questions for the next interview with Becky Kagan Schott, Emmy-Award winning underwater photographer, technical diving instructor and videographer. Ask her here or during the livestream.

Becky Kagan Schott
Becky Kagan-Schott

As for the coming weeks, here’s is a sneak peek into who you can looking forward to chatting with:

  • Becky Kagan Schott – April 9th
  • Stéphan Senécal – April 16th
  • Aron Arngrímsson – April 23rd
  • Michael Menduno – April 30th
  • Mike Pederson “Dive Right in Scuba” – May 7th
  • Steve Bogaerts – May 14th
  • Marissa Eckert – May 21st

Be sure to check out the Facebook event to get involved with the diving community!

DIVETALKS: Every Thursday at 1 p.m. EDT


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