Don’t miss the Divesoft’s first Demo Diving event of 2020 in Florida

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Divesoft has teamed up with the American dive company, Cave Adventurers, to host their first Demo Diving event of 2020. Mark your calendar for March 21st and start planning your trip to Marianna, Florida. The event includes a full day hosted by the world-renowned cave and rescue diver, Edd Sorenson, an Advanced Technician Workshop, and the unique opportunity for divers of all skill levels to gain a deeper understanding of the engineering and technology that goes into Divesoft’s products. 

Learn from the Best

There’s so much to look forward to with so many great activities on the list! The host, Edd Sorenson, alone is drawing much interest for the event. Edd is a technical cave diver known both in and out of the diving world for his numerous rescues of lost or trapped divers.

Additionally, Edd, who has been featured on programs such as ABC News, is also an instructor and the founder of the Cave Adventurers company located in Florida. Don’t miss out on the chance not only to meet him, but also to train with him as he fills the role of ‘special guest host’ of this year’s Divesoft Demo Day.


A Hands-On Approach

As part of the event, Edd, together with the Divesoft team members, has been tasked with conducting demo dives of the CCR Liberty. Participants will have the opportunity to advance their knowledge of the Divesoft Liberty technology and rebreather platform by taking part in the Advanced Technician Workshop. It’s here that participants will get hands-on experience with the CCR Liberty in its different configurations; backmount and sidemount as well as the new light and heavy versions. Even the most experienced divers will go home having learned something new from this full day of educational diving.


Get Involved Today!

Head over to Divesoft’s ‘Cave Adventurers Demo Day’ Facebook page to sign up for this opportunity and find out more. There will be something for everyone, whether you’re interested in finding out more about Divesoft’s impressive gear, learning from a diving community legend, Edd, or simply enjoying a day of diving amongst good company in crystal-blue waters. Get on board today – Florida is calling!


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