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Shit, I Found Diving in Yellowknife (YK)

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“Shit I Found Diving” started on summer day when my kids and I snagged and lost on the bottom of the fishing hole some brand new hooks while fishing at Prelude Lake, North West Territories (NWT). We decided to snorkel to see if we could recover them. Not only did we locate our hooks, we pulled up about 60 other hooks from the same fishing hole.

The next time we headed out to Prelude Lake, we took SCUBA gear to go deeper into the location. The treasure trove we found included more hooks, anchors a GoPro camera and cell phones.  We were able to pull photos off the SD cards and find the owners of the phones by posting the pics on the local classifieds in Yellowknife.

As interest in this hobby grew, we started posting pictures of the interesting finds on Facebook and created a page to showcase the same.

Unfortunately, more often than not, we found garbage and debris in the waters instead of treasures. A few of us decided to start picking up trash in the most obvious and used areas. We considered it successful if after a dive we pulled out a few garbage bags full. We asked for volunteers to help last summer, and ended up setting up over a dozen dives at local sites. We had 12 divers come out and 40 volunteers to help on the shore. By the end of summer, we pulled out over 10,000 pounds of debris from the lakes around town!

Image credit: Facebook

Yellowknife has a vibrant arts community, and annually the city hosts the Yellowknife International Film Festival. As part of that festival in 2017, we pitched the idea of a reality show about our diving adventures in Yellowknife. We won the completion and started filming a few pilot episodes for a show. After airing on the Northwestel Community Channel, we released the initial shows to YouTube and Facebook. We have been renewed for the coming season and will be filming 4 new concept episodes.

We have found underwater quarts seams filled with visible gold; and an underwater oil seep.  For the upcoming dive season we have some great adventures coming: looking for sunken boats, lost WWII construction equipment and even a UFO.

Video made possible with the financial support of Northwestel Community Chanel and the GNWT Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment. Also a big thank you to the great team of friends, family and community that make up Yellowknife.

Learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/SIFDIYK


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