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DykMässan 2020: Sweden’s Dive Convention That’s Not to Be Missed

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The 2020 Scandinavian Dive Show is set to take place in Sweden’s second largest city, Gothenburg, from March 14th – 15th in the Eriksberg Hall. From diving lectures and exhibition booths to a photo contest and an award for the ‘best booth’, this year’s DykMässan is packed to the gills. Get your tickets today and make a point to stop by the Divesoft stand as they’ve got a bit of a surprise for you!

The Hottest New Diving Spot?

One might think that due to Sweden’s northern locality, the waters are cold, lifeless and with nothing but dark views and an occasional rock formation. This couldn’t be further from the truth as Sweden has become a hub for northern European divers in recent years. The water may be cold, but enthusiasts from around the world continue to make the trip and to their surprise, see more colour and marine life than they thought possible!

Two Jam-Packed Days

With so many divers looking to Swedish waters for their next underwater excursion, it’s no surprise that interest in diving gear and knowledge has grown as well. This year’s DykMässan Dive Show is not to be missed as it offers a wide array of activities, lectures, contests and chances to get your hands on the latest and greatest diving gadgets!

Activities include a photo contest, competition for the ‘best booth’ and the opportunity to get geared up and have your picture taken in the onsite pool. And not to mention the range of both diving and sight-seeing opportunities you will have during your stay in this great country. Take a trip to the Archipelago of Gothenburg to see the lighthouse or link up with one of the many diving schools and federations to test out those Viking waters!

Something New From Divesoft

Later, as you’re making your way through the crowd of exhibitors, be sure to stop by the Divesoft booth. There’s no better place to find superior quality diving equipment. Divesoft offers a variety of products from modular mouthpieces to freedom computers. Once you’re there, be sure to ask about their new Liberty Light rebreather, a lighter version of their CCR Liberty. 

Plan Your Trip Today!

To find out more about the DykMässan 2020 Scandinavian Dive Show, be sure to check out their Facebook page. You’ll find all the information you need, and can start planning your trip today. No matter what your diving needs, DykMässan 2020 has got you covered!


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