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Introducing: Truli Wetsuits

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Truli Wetsuits gives you all the reasons to LOVE wearing a wetsuit!

The Truli Wetsuits Story

My name is Mia Toose and I am the Truli Wetsuits designer and CEO with only one mission:  to ensure that all women who want to be involved in scuba diving and water sports have access to good quality wetsuits that fit.  Wetsuits that are true to the women who wear them.

Sea to Sky

In 2009, I left a rewarding career in the non-profit world to follow my dream of being a scuba diving instructor in The Caribbean.  I worked in all-inclusive resorts, dive shops, and liveaboards literally wearing all kinds of weird, ill-fitting, ugly wetsuits to work all day, every day and spending time with people who struggled with their wetsuits too.  In my free-time, I learned to kiteboard and spent every minute paddling and swimming in the water.

Even though there were so many women actively involved in diving and kiteboarding recreationally and professionally, I couldn’t understand why these industries still focused on creating equipment predominantly for men.

In 2013, I sat down and started to put my ideas in place and over the next 3 years I researched, designed, tested, built, and finally launched the Truli Wetsuits e-commerce business in 2016 (wow – it’s amazing to put 3 years into one sentence; if you have the chance, ask me about the cool process of creating the first design!).  I was still living in The Caribbean, but established the business in Toronto, Canada, where I am from.

Truli Wetsuits
Image credit: Truli Wetsuits

My goal was to create a wetsuit that was durable enough to survive all the diving, kiteboarding, paddling, and swimming I was doing, fit my body, kept me warm, used eco-friendly materials and since I would be wearing it all day, I wanted it to look good too!  I chose bright colours and lines that accentuated the female form and lined the neoprene with warm, cozy fleece.  

However, I quickly learned that the sizes the manufacturer sent me only fit a small portion of the women who wanted to buy from me.  I knew something had to change!  I’ve always kept in close touch with my customers and valued all of their input and feedback, so I got straight to work.

With options, sizes, and style, Truli Wetsuits is not just about cute wetsuits.  When a woman has the appropriate wetsuit that she feels good in, a barrier is lifted in the world of water sports.  

Now, in 2020 I’ve got 4 designs and a creative sizing system that celebrates all shapes and sizes.  This year, I am working to create more access by partnering with local dive shops and retailers to set-up Designated Fitting Sites and Truli POP-up Fitting Parties, so women can try-a-Truli in person.

An active community of empowered people is a powerful force for positive change.  Truli Wetsuits advocates for the health of the planet and its inhabitants.  We make all of our business decisions with the environment in mind, support non-profit educators like Sharks4Kids by donating 1% of all sales to their programming, and raise awareness on mental health associated with body image.  

Learn more at: https://canada.truliwetsuits.com/


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