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Scarborough Underwater Club Presents Geophysicist Bil Thuma

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Hello Fellow Divers & History interested people ……

Following Scarborough Underwater Club Inc’s January 15 7:30pm meeting at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre, we will have a special presentation by Bil Thuma, a Geophysicist.

Sea to Sky

A graduate of Michigan Technological University, specializing in RADAR ground penetration, Bil has been involved in ground and underwater searches throughout the world and has been instrumental in locating historically significant aircraft on three continents.

A flight of U.S. military aircraft from WWII that had landed on the Greenland ice 60 years earlier was found more than 200 feet below the ice in 1992. This was the result of a long search and one of the planes, a Lockheed P-38 Lightning, was retrieved, repaired and is flying today.

Liquid Diving

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Bil was also involved in the successful search in Northern Manitoba for a Fokker aircraft named “The Ghost of Charron Lake” which was retrieved from a depth of 120 feet in 2005.

Thanks to the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Recovery Team’s research and SONAR search efforts, a WWII aircraft was rescued by Canadian Forces Divers from Lake Muskoka in 2014. With the aid of a nearby boat operator, members Bil Thuma, Ken McMillan & John Bowlby, the wreck was located.


Where: 875 Morningside Avenue

When: After 7:30 Club’s General meeting – January 15, 2020

Non SUCI members who wish to attend, please contact Mike McAllister to ensure that enough seats are available.

Learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/6617246451/



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