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Join Team Tekdeep For The Best Wreck Diving in Europe – August 2020

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Malin Head with Tekdeep

What are you doing in August 2020? Why not join us for the “Best Wreck Diving in Europe” during the annual Tekdeep UK Trip to Malin Head, Ireland?

About Malin Head

Diving Malin Head is a “bucket list” for many divers from around the world. It is literally a wreck diving playground with Ocean Liners, Warships and Submarines. You will not find another place in Europe that allows you dive this level of variety, all in one week!

Sea to Sky

Wreck Highlights

HMS Audacious (64 metres)
Built in 1913 the HMS Audacious is a King George V class Super-Dreadnought Battleship which grossed 23,00 tonnes and dimensions of 182 x 27 x 8metres. The vessel seen no action in WW1 and sunk in 1914 after striking a mine while on a gunnery exercise.

SS Carthaginian (58 metres)
Built in 1884 the SS Carthaginian was a British sail and steam ocean liner. With a gross weight of 4,444 tonnes and dimensions of 99 x 12 metres, she hit a German mine on the 14th of June in 1917 and sank off Innistrahull with no lives lost.  She was heading for Montreal from Glasgow.

Liquid Diving

SS Empire Heritage (66 metres)
Built in 1930 the SS Empire Heritage grossed 15,702 tonnes and measured 508 x 72 x 50 metres. Heading for Liverpool from New York with a cargo of oil, Sherman tanks and half tracks, she was torpedoed with 113 souls lost. She now rests on her Starboard side 20 miles North West of Malin Head.

RMS Justicia  (72 metres)
Launched in 1914 the RMS Justicia was a British troopship that grossed 32,234 and measured 225 x 26 x 13. Heading to New York from Liverpool she was torpedoed several times and sank losing 16 of the 600 strong crew. This is a massive wreck with large boilers and 3 huge propellers on view.  She now rests on her Port side 16 miles North West of Innistrahull.

SS Laurentic (42 metres)
Built in 1908 the SS Laurentic weighted 14,892 gross tonnes and measured 550 x 67 x 41 feet.  After leaving Buncranna in Co. Donegal she struck a mine and sank in 45 minutes. Part of her cargo included 3,211 gold ingots each weighting 40lbs.  Subsequently, over a period of 7 years, 7,00 dives where
conducted to retrieve the gold with 22 ingots believed to be unaccounted for.

SS Athenia (60 metres)
Built in 1923 the SS Athenia was a British ocean liner that weighted 13,580 gross tonnes and measured 160 x 20 x 11 metres.  On route to Montreal from Liverpool she was torpedoed by a German U-boat and sank with a loss of 112 souls out of 1,418 passengers and crew.  She represented the first naval casualty of WW 2 with war on Germany only declared hours prior and was widely condemned worldwide.

U-2511 (67 metres)
Laid down in 1944 German submarine U-2511 was a type XX1 U-boat.  At 77 metres long she was the only operational type XX1 U-boat.  She was scuttled on the 7th January 1946 and rests relatively intact.

U-89 (62 metres)
Laid down in 1915 U-89 was an operational German U-boat.  On the 12 February 1918 she was rammed by HMS Roxburgh off Malin Head and sank losing all 43 souls.

Malin Head with Tekdeep

Every year, Tekdeep run our annual trip to Malin Head, giving like-minded wreck lovers access to this amazing range of wreck diving off the Northern Irish coast.

Using the Laura Dean from Mevagh Diving Centre, Tekdeep work with a centre and skipper who know the area and the wrecks better than anyone.

The expected cost is 750 Euros per week plus accommodation (price based on staying at the bed and breakfast located at Mevagh Diving). There is a surcharge for the more far away wrecks which is to cover the additional time and fuel.

If you want to be on the list then reserve your place as soon as possible. We will be asking for 350 Euro deposit for each week with the balance due in June 2020

Learn more at: https://www.tekdeep.com/2019/12/15/join-team-tekdeep-for-the-best-wreck-diving-in-europe-august-2020/



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