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Gen2 Release of Diver6 Mobile Support System

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Azimuth Inc, the developer and manufacturer of the Diver6 mobile support system, has released the Gen2 product line. The Gen2 version advances the design of the system with a reduced product weight, faster communication and new features in the monitoring software.

Diver6 is a modern Diver and Dive Operations mobile support system. This ADVISORY system allows divemasters to monitor and track divers beneath the surface of the water for greater situational awareness. The system provides up to date information on the divers in the water allowing the divemaster to make faster, safer, and more accurate decisions. All monitoring aspects of the dive are recorded and can be used for later analysis and audit. Diver6 is based on input from a broad range of real-world subject matter experts including US Navy, NOAA, Port Police Divers, Coast Guard and public safety and commercial divers. 

Sea to Sky

The Gen2 product line introduces Blueprint Subsea acoustic modems to the Diver6 system. With a smaller form factor and faster communication protocol, divemasters will receive diver situational awareness information faster and more reliable. The new hardware reduces size and weight, is easier to mount, and continues to operate with Shearwater dive computers. 
The Diver6 software application has been enhanced to work seamlessly with the Subsea acoustic modems. A new streamlined data protocol provides greater reliability in data transmissions. The software also includes enhancements to charts, diver operations (assist and recall) and diver status as well. 

Diver6 continues to advance the ability to track divers. It continues to allowing divemasters to make faster and more reliable decisions with their active divers. 

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For more information visit www.diver6.com



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