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Shearwater Research is voluntarily issuing a recall for yellow wireless transmitters

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Shearwater Research is voluntarily issuing a recall for yellow wireless transmitters. We discovered yellow transmitters may have the same transmission interval as the one found in grey transmitters. When transmitters of both colors are used by the same diver in the same dive, signal interference could be produced between transmitters causing dropped signals and loss of communications. Although the chance of this occurring is small, the potential is there.

The transmitter is cylindrical in shape, three inches in length, YELLOW in color, and marked with the letters “FCC ID: MH8A” along with a unique serial number. It is sold by Shearwater Research to dealers worldwide under their part number 13009.

Divers should cease using the YELLOW version of the Shearwater wireless tank pressure transmitter. Shearwater prefers to manage their voluntary recall directly with the consumer.

Please contact Shearwater Research on-line at www.shearwater.com, or during business hours by telephone +1 604.669.9958 for more information on arranging repair or exchange of the transmitter. Please give us your physical location when contacting us via email. Shearwater will only manage repairs or replacements for transmitters sold by Shearwater. If your YELLOW color transmitter was sourced from a brand name other than Shearwater, we suggest you contact the original source for further information.

The GREY version of the transmitter is NOT affected by the recall notice and dive computers are NOT affected by the recall notice.

For more information and answers to your questions, please visit https://www.shearwater.com/announcements/voluntary-recall-notice-yellow-transmitters/


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