Used rEvo III Expedition – NERD with Full rMS For Sale in the UK

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One of our students is upgrading their rebreather so the following rEvo III EXPEDITION NERD Dive Can full-rMS unit is currently for sale.

  • 18 months old with 6 months manufacturers warranty left.
  • Two three litre heavy cylinders with a manufacturers date of February 2018.
  • Cell install dates are 1/6/17, 1/8/17, 9/6/18, 9/6/18 and 1/9/18
  • Done 35 hours diving / 37 dives.

Asking price is £6750 GBP plus postage

A Kent Tooling stand is also available separately for a price of £110 and Kent Tooling D rings for £7.



More Information?

For more information on this Used rEvo Rebreather, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will put you in touch with the owner directly.

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