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‘Sharkwater Extinction’ Premiere at Toronto International Film Festival

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Rob Stewart’s parents, Sandy and Brian are very pleased their son’s film “Sharkwater Extinction” had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on Friday 7 September 2019. It’s the final film of late filmmaker Rob Stewart, Julie Anderson, Andy Casagrande and Will Allen.

This has been a bittersweet experience for both of them. On the one hand they’re happy that his new documentary, “Sharkwater Extinction,” had its premiere, but on the other hand, they also find it hard to watch as Rob narrated the whole film.

Stewart’s first 2006 documentary, “Sharkwater,” also premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. “Sharkwater Extinction” looks into the pirate fishing trade and the political corruption surrounding illegal “shark finning.” This practice involves removing the shark’s fins and then discarding the animal at sea to perish.

Rob’s mission is not over. The Stewarts say “Team Sharkwater”, is moving forward to continue Rob’s legacy.

“Sharkwater Extinction” will be opening in theatres Oct. 5.



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