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Introducing Titan – The 150m Underwater Drone

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Titan is the deepest underwater drone in the world. Diving up to 150m(492ft), Titan can go farther than any other drone to date and easily capture stunning underwater images and videos with its 4K 30fps camera. Built with smart gamepad control system and adaptable extension port, you can explore the ocean with endless possibilities. Feature with smart apps, Titan is your eyes to explore deeper ocean ideally and freely.

Most drones provide a fun way for you capture beautiful outdoor views and while hiking or traveling. But with an underwater drone, anyone can explore the unknown ocean depths! The functionality of a standard, airborne drone expands to meet challenging ocean currents with high-performance motion technology.

Titan is the most affordable underwater drone on the market with the highest available water pressure rating, built to go wherever your underwater adventure takes you. With its powerful 4K 30fps camera and streamlined, game-like control system, Titan can be your eyes under the sea. Able to withstand depths up to 150m (492ft), farther than any other drone to date, you can pilot Titan with an easy to use smartphone/tablet app. Capture stunning underwater images and videos, find plentiful locations to fish, or even carry out accurate technical inspections of underwater equipment. The possibilities are endless!

Learn more at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/titan-the-deepest-underwater-drone-dives-to-492ft/



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