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How many times do you ask yourself, how can I make a difference? I am only one individual!!

BUT my husband believes in everything I do and to be totally honest, everything I have ever done has been because he suggested it, read in to that what but I think his ideas are awesome!!

It started with a tiny shop based at a swimming pool, then one day we were going Diving and he said, why don’t we put on a Dive show up North, to which I replied, don’t you think I have enough on my hands with work, Grandchildren and us, he said, “No, I think it would be great and we would make it totally different and stop all this negative talk about a dying industry, instead of it decreasing over the next millennium why don’t we try to help expand it?

Let’s work towards contacting people who wouldn’t generally think of doing SCUBA diving???

That got me thinking and hey presto we are in year 4 of The Great Northern Dive Show and it has grown to become a very successful and productive show and it has helped because it is community lead.

Each year it has gained momentum and it is amazing that our diving community HAS become more involved, this truly is a recognised sport, that allows ordinary individuals access to it.


Still not satisfied, I thought what would the next stage be? As we needed more attention, we need to get in to mainstream avenues, schools, colleges and universities; so, after a lot of begging, negotiation and proving that it is a worth will hobby that is beneficial to all stakeholders I now have access to 101 schools, thousands of scouts, thousands of students and still we are building on that.

h2o Divers

Now, my fire was well and truly lit, my passion for SCUBA diving was growing, every day and because I realised it really was an inclusive sport what else could I do?

I know let’s form strong Partnerships, after all, the more connections you make the stronger you become.

We started with becoming Associated Partners with Blue Planet, which is phenomenal, and I have done some Autism delivery workshops there which were gratefully and full appreciated and now we are mega proud to announce we are now going to be Partners with Marine Conservation Society.

Everything I have done has been because I believe as well as being passionate and crazy in love with this sport and because most of this madness has been supported by a vast number of my diving fraternity compadres, several Dive shops and some manufacturers’ and a couple Agencies, I will continue to connect and grow with every once of fiber in my being!!

Its not always been easy, BUT I think they see there is a bigger picture that I am focused on.

There are millions of people who need to be involved in this sport, but they need to be told about it, not talking it, or keeping it just for a few individuals or not marketing something doesn’t get things to grow.

It’s been about awareness, so hopefully more manufacturers’ will work with our little Northern branch and more media will advertise to none divers that we are always looking for new divers, young, old, disable, able bodied it really doesn’t matter, all that matters, is that we are made aware of the benefits of working and being together!!

We are a community-based company, we are ridiculously integrated with our community, I am personally on boards for Ambassadors for thousands of children, a founder of several Patron schemes, different events that involve my local council, I am part of 3rd sector committees, town carnivals and so much more but hardly anyone I have ever spoken to has realised that they are able to be part of the SCUBA diving world!!

That I find a little shocking, and sad at the same time, so with all my connections and every breath I have in my body I will be shouting out about being part of the SCUBA diving world and hopefully some people will listen, and you never know they might want to be part of the #greatergood #nextgenerationdivers #communitylead #workingtoghther #scubadiving #Partnerships

We believe if we are part of the solution to mental health, environment awareness and a good all-rounder of caring for our world and Oceans it will help everyone eventually!!

Moral of the story is one person can make a difference, but together we can conquer the world!!

Learn more about The Great Northern Dive Show at: http://www.thegreatnortherndiveshow.com and H2O Divers at: http://www.h2odivers.co.uk


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Ruth is co-founder of H2O Divers in Hindley and The Great Northern Dive Show in Manchester. Her primary aim is to change the face of diving in Northern England.

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