SCUBA Swap 2018 – Our 26th Annual Dive Community Event!

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Ontario Underwater Explorers SCUBA Club presents the 26th annual SCUBA swap and sale.

This annual SCUBA community event is a favourite and highly anticipated.

Join us at the 26th annual SCUBA Swap. Over 25 years, for the SCUBA Diving community in Southern Ontario, it is sure to be an exciting event!

Gear at great prices and deals. Bargain madness starts at noon.
Community booths and Presentations.
Come and meet your dive buddies on the surface for the start of a great season underwater.

Gear drop-off at the location on Friday April 27th.


Date: Saturday April 28th
Event: 26th Annual SCUBA Swap. 9am to 3pm
Admission: $5.00 (same as last year)


Rameses Shriners, 124 Queens Plate Dr, Etobicoke, Ontario M9W 0B4, Canada

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