Diving Sunken Cities in the Great Lakes

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For centuries, the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Great Lakes have shaped the story of Canada. The Descending team  of Scott Wilson and Andre Dupuis takes a trip through history and visits the world’s best collection of freshwater shipwrecks to discover what makes this water so great.

Scott Wilson and Andre Dupuis, co-founders of Echo Bay Media, a production company based in Hamilton, ON, created Descending following the success of their first television series Departures.

Scott from Descending:  “”It was very important for Andre and I to be able to show off the Great Lakes during our filming of Descending. We’ve always known that the diving here is world class in its own right. Perhaps the best freshwater shipwrecks (if not some of the best SHIPWRECKS in general) in the world. These wooden wrecks are well preserved thanks to the cold water, lack of sunlight, depth, fresh water and of course the organizations and respectful divers here who protect them.  Although I’ve always known that the diving here was spectacular, I didn’t realize how captivating — and often tragic — the stories of these wrecks are.””

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