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The Mystery of the Britannic – A Film by Richie Kohler and U-Films

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Britannic was the last built vessel of the White Star Line’s Olympic class of steamships; she was the mate of both the RMS Olympic and the RMS Titanic. She was to be known as a transatlantic vessel, as was the Titanic.

Britannic was launched just before the First World War. She was designed to be the safest and most luxurious of the three ships in the White Star’s line, especially after the disaster of the Titanic. In 1915 Britannic was put to use as a hospital ship and and served between the United Kingdom and the Dardanelles in Turkey.   On 21 November 1916 she was shaken by an explosion caused by a naval mine near the Greek island of Kea.

Sea to Sky

There were 1,065 people on board, and 1,035 survivors were rescued from the water and lifeboats. 30 lives were lost. Britannic was the largest ship lost in the First World War.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau located and explored the wreck in 1975.  The vessel is the largest passenger ship on the sea floor, after the Titanic.

Liquid Diving

Richie Kohler has been working with the incredibly talented explorers and film makers at U-Films since 2015 and is proud to share the trailer for their upcoming film about one of his favorite shipwrecks, the HMHS Britannic.

U-Films are thrilled to announce that the official VOD and IVOD premiere of our long-awaited documentary project “The Mystery of Britannic” is scheduled to hit your screens on 27th MARCH 2018!

In less than two weeks you will be able to experience the unique atmosphere, re-live the important historical events and dive deep underwater, with the help of high-tech submersibles, to eyewitness the sleeping giant, together with the renown underwater explorer Richie Kohler.

Our documentary will be available on various VOD and IVOD platforms.

Learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/ufilmmalta



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