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Introducing Urban Water Odyssey

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“There’s so much to do… we must never stop trying”

What do we really know about nature and geography surrounding us? What do we know about rivers and the fresh water source we depend on?
Do we really think we have explored it all?

Sea to Sky

Let’s go on an extreme expedition 20 minutes away from downtown Montreal.

UWO 2018…  

  • A unique 70 kilometer dive
  • Two scientific missions
  • A dive study
  • A commitment toward the St Lawrence river
  • A unique human adventure
  • An extreme expedition 20 minutes from downtown Montreal
  • A technological, physical and psychological challenge

Read The Scuba News Canada’s interview with Nath at https://ca.thescubanews.com/2017/12/07/diver-educates-others-on-earths-vulnerability/

Liquid Diving


Nath Lasselin is an Explorer and a multi award winning Underwater Filmmaker.  She spends her life with the eyes of her youth, always curious to search, to discover and document the world.  Ready to push her own limits and fears, she takes her camera to document her discovery’s and share them with those who will never have the opportunity to see the wonders of the underwater world.

She has traveled and filmed in more than 50 countries and into the depth of underwater caves in 5 continents.


Each spring for the past few years, she packs her winter clothes to dive into the frigid water of the Canadian arctic.

When she dives with all kind of sharks including great white sharks, she is always careful not to disturb them in their own habitat.

She dove deep wrecks in the Arctic in low visibility, cold waters, with braving underwater waves.


She has produced and directed 6 underwater documentary films that have been distributed in 25 countries. Each film was a shipper in a new universe, demystifying the underwater cave diving (Facing darkness) and then with the divers fishermen of Isla natividad (Sustainability at Sea), telling the story of the last survivor of the JB King wreck in Ontario ( H2O secrets: JB King), following in the footsteps of John Muir in Alaska (Heen Taak), participating in cave exploration in Mexico to the discovery of human remains (Axis Mundi) and finally hers last film Aqua Incognita: made in China at the end of 2017. During her travels in China, she was able to live the rapprochement of individuals at the antipodes and together build to improve their own existence.

She motivates others to achieve personal accomplishment and bring people together.  She created and organized twice, the world record for simultaneous immersion of the largest number of female divers and free divers.


After all those incredible adventures, Nath realized that the extreme exploration was just a few street away from home. Who really knows what lies in the water of the St Lawrence river?  Who knows the wild life surrounding citizens in big cites? And mostly what about the water? Daily we turn on our tap of water, but what do we really know about it?  What can we do more to preserve it in order to have a better living and healthy environment?

This year 2018, is the first part of UWO….  But wait and see. There is more to come!

Learn more at: http://urbanwaterodyssey.com/?lang=en



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