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Diving the “Tiller Shipwreck”

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This is a two masked wooden schooner built (estimate) in the 1800’s. Length of this shipwreck is 94 feet and is located in 110 feet of water. Located in Lake Ontario, the Tiller’s position is approximately 6 km north of Port Dalhousie. The wreck sits upright.

Deep water certification is required to dive this wreck. Because of the depth of this wreck, the temperature can be 4C, a deep, cold water dive. This is a drysuit dive. Zebra mussels are in abundance.

Sea to Sky

Thanks to David Gilchrist for sharing his photos.

David’s Dive Report

Water temperature was 45 F at 110 feet max with variable viz :: a gloomy 40-50 feet. Usually a layer above the thermocline is quite poor viz, better at depth, but dim lighting.  David’s diving partner was Jim Garrington of Shark Marine who discovered the wreck and completed an archaeological survey on the Tiller.

Liquid Diving

A group of divers on a charter boat were also down at the same time. Nice lighting from their lights.



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