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Epicmakers – The Video Service for Diving and Adventure Enthusiasts

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EpicMakers.com, founded by Ashutosh Pujari is an internet based video editing service for the creation of customised videos.

Divers and adventure enthusiasts take hours and hours of fabulous footage that unfortunately only stays on their hard drives, as they have no easy way to edit these gigabits of memories. EpicMakers.com edits the videos and images shot by clients to make an epic video ready to be shared with the world.


EpicMakers.com has a growing network of editors across the world. Their clients consist of diving and adventure enthusiasts. The website make it easy for clients to upload their footage, choose music tracks, add text on screen and brief the editors to get a customized video edit which they can then share on social media channels. These customised edits come economically priced starting at US$ 57 for a 3 minute edit.

EpicMakers also collaborate with dive operators across the world by paying a referral fee on videos edited for their clients. Some of their collaborations include Diveheart – USA, Adrenalin Hunter, France, Aquanaut – India, Dive India Outbound – India . Travel and adventure brands have been using EpicMakers to create engaging video content made out of footage and images their customers shoot. By being part of the stories customers create, EpicMakers is an innovative medium for dive operators to reach a larger audience by having customers share the stories of their diving and travel experiences. Ashutosh has been working closely with Diveheart to help create awareness for Scuba diving as therapy. Here’s a link to how Robert Sagartz discovered his comfort zone, thanks to Diveheart.

To edit your diving footage, log on to www.epicmakers.com, upload your videos and images, and get an epic video edited to your brief.

Check out some of the videos edited by EpicMakers on their YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/epicmakers or log on to www.epicmakers.com.


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Ashutosh is a film maker, scuba diver, long distance endurance cyclist and a mountain climber. At work, he has been deeply involved with digital marketing and consults with companies in the travel and tourism industry to leverage customer generated video content as the most trustworthy form of communication.

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