Introducing The Diving Almanac, Book of Records

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Celebrating the underwater world since 2007!

The Diving Almanac is the only compilation of such diverse and far-ranging information on the world diving community. It is meant to showcase the accomplishments of underwater explorers, scientists, engineers, freedivers and adventurers since Man first plunged into the sea more than six millennia ago.

Although it is the most complete source of diving records, diving history, as well as the only repertoire of the international diving community available today, the Diving Almanac & Book of Records will forever remain a work in progress. Even in 2017, language and cultural barriers, and the absence of a central body of historical and current information, make it difficult to shed light on all of the events that have shaped the course of humanity’s underwater experiences and achievements. Regular updates will thus continue to add to the shared history of divers worldwide.

The records chapter showcases over 650 amazing underwater feats and firsts by humans, machines and animals. If you are looking for the world’s deepest scuba diver, freediver, fish or submersible, they’re all here. The 16 categories include scuba diving, freediving, submersibles, oceanography, biology, and underwater art.

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About Author

Jeffrey Gallant is the Editor-in-Chief and Records Keeper of the Diving Almanac & Book of Records. He is also a contributing editor of DIVER Magazine, and the scientific director of the Greenland Shark and Elasmobranch Education and Research Group (GEERG). Jeffrey started diving in 1982.

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