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Why is important to practice in the pool to have a better technique and performance under the open water?

Going directly to the ocean without practicing in a pool would be exciting, but going prepared is a lot better. The Scuba News talk with some professionals of how practicing in a pool can make a better experience when diving in the deep.

Sea to Sky

Py Borg, Instructor in association with Diver Life (@diverlifeworld on Facebook) and Nuria Correa, Instructor in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, both agree that the pool helps the students to gain confidence and looseness. As mentioned before, practicing in a safe environment, allow new divers going step by step mastering their skills (eg. clear the mask or regulator recovery) in a comfortable manner, being aware of the hazards that may appear at 12 m. deep or at the surface, and be able to fix them during the dive.

Other fact to consider when practicing in a pool is to “refine technique in calm water without distraction” says Borg. What does she means? When focused on saving more air under the water or having a better buoyancy or improving the trim, it’s convenient to avoid all the distractions such as sea life or currents, paying attention to the own breathing and be conscious of the mistakes before jumping to the sea.

Besides making progress with one or more skills, the pool is useful when checking out our equipment previous its first use (mentioned Donna Warne via Facebook) or as part of a recurrent maintenance of the gear in a dive shop. As Borg says, other important aspect to focus on, is to “train with equipment (weigh belt, wetsuit, etc.) especially since you get restricted movement to anticipate your needs in the open water. To summarize; familiarize yourself with all aspects of diving before going to open water.”

To dive in the ocean, is necessary  to keep our mind tranquil, alert and physically with good health. This is what Emilia Isabel from FB says about the pool: “I use the pool for cardiovascular training. I feel that having your head constantly underwater helps to reduce the stress once in open water.”



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