Petre 2 Wreck, Point Petre

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This wreck video by Terry Irvine, is known only as Petre 2 and is located in Lake Ontario, south of Point Petre.  It is located 4 miles off shore.  This video was taken one year after the wreck was found by Ducks Dive. While the camera technology is not ancient (Sony VX-2000 – 480p) and 18 watt HID lighting, at the time it was cutting edge. Visibility that day was very good.

Divers present in the video:  Ken West, Doug Arnburg and Terry Irvine. Petre 2 wreck is located in approximately 160 feet of water, and is considered a technical dive. Water temperature is typically 39-42F on the bottom.

Video by Terry Irvine @ YouTube



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