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Introducing The Aquatica AGH5 Underwater Housing

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Introducing The AQUATICA AGH5 Underwater Housing #35000 For the Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera.

The Aquatica AGH5 housing is built with high quality materials and craftsmanship. Building up on the initial Aquatica GH4, the GH5 version has improved ergonomics, a versatile port system, a rugged yet compact design

Aquatica AGH5

About the Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5

  • 3MP Digital Live MOS sensor
  • 4K Video Capture
  • 5-Axis In Body Image Stabilization
  • 76 x 3.68m-Dot OLED Viewfinder
  • Durable Magnesium Alloy Body
  • 12 FPS Continuous shooting
  • Built-in Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • 2” LCD monitor

Self-aligning controls

Another great improvement over our previous housing is new self-aligning controls. With the AGH5 housing you do not need to align the controls on your camera before closing it. The On-Off and the  Focus mode levers are spring loaded and designed to ”find their own way” once the housing is closed.


The Aquatica AGH5 housing has a new Shutter lever design, this gives a much easier access to the front dial control knob.

As the ISO and WB on the camera are key controls for video shooting, two levers were positioned right under your thumb for quick access to these important camera functions.

The AF/AE Lock lever and the shutter lever were brought even closer together on the AGH5, this allows simultaneous operation even for people with smaller hands. To also benefit from the great button customization on the GH5 camera, the programmable Fn2 and Fn5 were designed with large buttons and are positioned right at your finger tips.

Flash triggering options

We prioritized a lower profile and more compact housing. The AGH5 housing comes standard with a  new improved and self-powered flash trigger when ordered with Optical connectors. This flash trigger is powered by two lithium coin cell batteries that will give you a minimum of 15,000 flashes per set. The OPT version is designed to trigger strobes optically by firing low power consumption LEDs. The AGH5 housing optical bulkhead plate can be swapped to accept a Nikonos or an Ikelite style connector as an option.

#35000-OPT Aquatica housing for Panasonic GH5 with Dual Optical connector

#35000-NK Aquatica housing for Panasonic GH5 with One Nikonos connector

#35000-IKE Aquatica housing for Panasonic GH5 with One Ikelite connector

Surveyor moisture and vacuum sensor

Aquatica AGH5The Aquatica AGH5 housing comes by default with our Surveyor moisture and vacuum monitoring sensor circuit installed at the factory. The housing can also be ordered with the optional pressure extracting valve and pump. A visual and audio signal will alarm you should any of the O-ring become damaged or hindered by sand,  hair, or any foreign objects that would compromise the sealing integrity of the housing.


All that is required are a few simple steps for your peace of mind and knowledge that your equipment is safely protected from the environment.


Aquatica AGH5

The Aquatica AGH5 is supplied with a compact eyepiece. This high quality and coated optical finder gives a bright and full view of the view finder. For those seeking the ultimate viewing experience, the AGH5 is compatible with  the optional Aqua View Finder, available in

straight or 45 degrees version. Among the best in the industry, they can easily be installed in a matter of a few minutes by the user. The enlarged and enhanced image provided by the Aqua View Finder is second to none in clarity; it provides the photographer with tack sharp corner to corner viewing of the camera view finder for composing and critical focusing.

Safety Latch

Aquatica AGH5We have incorporated Amphibico’s latching system to the AGH5. This straight forward push, rotate and locking latch has been used on over 10,000 Amphibico and Aquatica housings for decades now. Its rotary cam action, coupled with an additional security mechanism means that logically, any unintentional opening is prevented from happening. This latch system is arguably one of the best closure system ever designed for an underwater housing.


  • Exceptionally good and ergonomic control placement.
  • All controls remain accessible in all dive conditions, cold or warm water, with or without gloves.
  • Low-profile housing that truly takes advantage of the AGH5 Micro 4/3 format.
  • Innovative self-position finding lever controls.
  • Optical strobe firing via flash trigger included (OPT version), Nikonos or Ikelite style bulkhead available as standard options.
  • Well established and proven system of ports, extensions and accessories to meet your personal lens preferences.
  • The most comfortable and sturdy hand grips in the industry, also extendable for larger or gloved hands using our product #19230 (grip extenders)
  • Three (3) entry points for accessories such as HDMI monitors, remote control or vacuum monitoring systems.
  • Eight (8) threaded standard ¼’’-20 holes, one located on top, three on the bottom and four on the grips, to mount strobe arms, brackets, tripods and a wide range of accessories.
  • Depth rating options of 90 m or 130 m depth at no extra charge (factory installed).
  • Made with a time proven manufacturing process, using the best material available and state of the art tooling. This offers you many years of dependable and enjoyable service.
  • Best aluminum housing option at a very competitive price.

Aquatica AGH5

Housing with grips only: weight 5.4 lb/ 2.45 kg

Housing (only) dimensions: 194mm x 147mm x 114mm/W 7.65” x H 5.78” x D 4.47”


FINAL PRODUCT MAY VARY Available Late  August 2017

Learn more at: http://www.aquatica.ca



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AQUATICA manufactures an extensive line of underwater housings for today’s finest digital cameras. The company also manufactures the world renowned Technical Lighting Control (TLC) strobe arms, trays and accessories. AQUATICA and TLC are the brands preferred by some of the top professional underwater photographers and are well known for their optical quality and superior level of craftsmanship.

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