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How You Can Help Make A Mermaid’s Dream Come True

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There was a time when putting my face underwater brought on panic attacks and the feeling I would die, which is why I decided to train as a scuba instructor. Go big right?!

As Mark Twain so elegantly put it…

‘Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the one you did do. So, throw off the bowline. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.’

I certainly threw off my bowline and dug deep, and frankly, I scared the life out of myself for the next three years. With hypnotherapy, crying in my dive mask often, and more visualisations than an Olympic athlete would use, I showed myself and the world that we can do anything if we have the courage to try. Anything at all.

What did success look like?



That moment was when I knew I’d made it and it was worth every tear and moment of terror.

Fast forward two years, I herniated a disc in my back and found myself unexpectedly unemployed. Who knew sneezing was so dangerous? I needed a new challenge whilst recovering in bed, so started a marine conservation cause Friends for Sharks with my partner. We planned to give free talks to adults and children around the globe, making marine conservation accessible to all, and talking about the importance of sharks. All whilst raising money for two charities, without funding or an income for ourselves for 18 months. Small matters we’d deal with later, or so I hoped when I lay awake wondering what on earth we’d taken on. We spent the last of our savings on two round the world flights before we could back out.

We started off not knowing what Twitter was, let alone how to plan a world tour. I still don’t know what Twitter is but we finished having completed 87 talks, in 8 countries, and having presented to over 7000 people.

What did success look like?

A lot like this…

Friends for Sharks

School talks in The Cook Islands.

Friends for Sharks

One of 60 events in New Zealand


Friends for Sharks

Working hard to get press coverage in each town

With plenty of this…

Friends for Sharks

Teaching the next generation about sharks

Friends for Sharks

School children pledges for sharks were a great ongoing theme

A little bit of this…

Friends for Sharks

Getting engaged diver-style

More of this than we’d like…

Friends for Sharks

The fire that stopped our biggest event in Vancouver, four days after our first trip to A&E…on the day we arrived in Canada

Friends for Sharks

More hospital time in New Zealand

Friends for Sharks

Exhausted in Thailand after 11 months on the road

And finally, this!

Friends for Sharks

We can do anything if we have the courage to try. Anything at all.

With that attitude in mind, I have entered the Miss Diving Specials 2017 competition to win a diving adventure. I would like to win so I can join that liveaboard, give shark conservation talks to new audiences, and show others what can be done with a pocket full of courage. I also want to win to take my husband on honeymoon, which is something we can’t afford to do and he dearly deserves some ocean time. That man, he’s amazing. Truly he is.

To win, I need the most likes of my photograph at this link. It’s that simple and the current leader has 600 or so votes.

Please will you vote for me? It will take less than 20 seconds to do and you might just make a mermaid’s dream come true.

Let’s dream big and make this happen!

Vote Here

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


Place your vote at: https://premium.easypromosapp.com/voteme/811128/627152656

A Note from the Editor

If you were to look for someone who deserves to be rewarded for their hard work in the interest of diving and conservation, you don’t really need to look any further than Kathryn. It would be easy for you think that I am biased as Kathryn is an International Editor for The Scuba News, but my support runs much deeper than just this. I was proud to sponsor the Friends for Sharks initiative that Kathryn co-founded and I did this because her passion for conservation issues literally jumped out at me. Since then Kathryn has gone on to become not only a colleague but also someone who I feel lucky to call a close friend. A friend whom I have no hesitation in voting for and I encourage you all to do the same!! 


Founder and Managing Editor, The Scuba News


Place your vote at: https://premium.easypromosapp.com/voteme/811128/627152656


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About Author

Kathryn has lived in the UK, Egypt, South Africa and New Zealand and is a trained scuba diving instructor and Great White shark safari guide. She is the author of No Damage (December 2014), the Managing Editor of The Scuba News New Zealand, a freelance writer, public speaker and co-founder of the marine conservation cause Friends for Sharks (August 2014). In 2015 she organised and completed a 10-month global speaking tour in aid of shark conservation: 87 events, 8 countries, 7000 people. Learn more about Kathryn’s book, No Damage at: http://www.kathrynhodgsonauthor.com/books/no-damage/

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