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15% Οff All Scubagaskets Products During June 2017

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In the process of constant development, ScubaGaskets launches 3 new product lines of very specialized Scuba O-Rings along with 14 new hard to find scuba O-ring sizes as for example the small O-ring for APEKS regulator (1,7mm x 1,00mm).

Category 1: Viton FKM –Green O-rings suitable for 100% Oxygen

scubagasketsNot all Viton O-rings are equal and more to that, not all Viton  O-Rings are suitable for 100% Oxygen gas. As for example  Nitrox black, blue ,brown  or even green  O-rings that are designed for Nitrox up to EAN 50  in no case can be used for pure 100% Oxygen gas.

For that applications (100% oxygen environments) you must be 100% sure that the O-ring you are using is made for this job and will not ignite of even produce any kind of fumes since we are dealing with life support systems.

Only special VITON-FKM Scuba O-Rings are suitable for those applications. The price is double than the Nitrox Viton O-Rings and that’s why they are sold in pack of 50 or even 10 O-rings per pack.

By choosing O-rings from Scubagaskets you get the original product with quality guaranteed by Europe seals Holland !


Category 2: Scubapro Service kits

scubagasketsAnother new product line that scubagaskets launched, is the product category regarding Scubapro service kits. 16 new Scubapro O-ring service kits for first and second stage are now available for sale at a fairly reasonable price.


Category 3: O-Rings for more diving computers

scubagaskets scubagaskets

New O-rings for diving computers Oceanic-F10 was added to this category.


Get familiar with our 3 new product categories and get 15% Οff  for all of our products  until 26 of June. Coupon code: scuba15off

Order Online at: http://www.scubagaskets.com

Scuba Gaskets free delivery to all destinations for orders over 30 Euro!


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