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Tell the Canadian government to prevent unnecessary harm and waste to sea life

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OceanaUp to 10.3 million tonnes of sea life is unintentionally caught each year around the world, captured in nets, lines and other gear. Some of this is kept and sold, or released safely; but far too much is put back in the ocean, either dead or dying. In Canada, this includes endangered and threatened species like whales, turtles, sharks and fish.

Unfortunately, the Canadian government isn’t consistently monitoring this threat, nor is it taking necessary action to address it.

Sea to Sky

Help sea life escape the net. Sign the petition and call on Fisheries and Oceans Canada to take immediate action and reduce the collateral damage caused by unsustainable fishing practices.

Dear Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Help sea life escape the net. Take immediate action to reduce bycatch.

The catch of non-target fish and ocean wildlife, or “bycatch,” results in unnecessary waste and harm to sea life. Oceana Canada’s latest report—Collateral damage: How to reduce bycatch in Canada’s commercial fisheries— reveals that there are big holes in Canadian data, that our regulatory approach is inadequate and that hundreds of species end up as bycatch. For example:

  • The north Atlantic Swordfish fishery discards approximately 44.8% of its catch, including threatened and endangered sharks and sea turtles, as well as dolphins and whales.
  • The Eastern offshore lobster fishery discards approximately 22%, including endangered species like Atlantic cod and northern wolffish.
  • The Pacific halibut fishery discards approximately 45%, including endangered basking sharks.

The first step in reducing this waste and unnecessary harm, as well as to protect endangered and threatened species, is to start collecting adequate data and developing a national plan.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada, please take action to reduce bycatch.

Sign the petition here at https://act.oceana.org/page/8747/petition/1?_ga=2.26151610.648268879.1494898566-1680966054.1446893500



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Oceana Canada seeks to make our oceans as rich, healthy and abundant as they once were. Canada has the world's longest coastline and is responsible for 2.76 million square kilometers of ocean. This real estate makes Canada one of the world’s major fishing nations, catching 1.1 million metric tons of fish each year, or 1.6 per cent of the world’s wild fish catch by weight, and consistently ranking within the top 25 fish-producing countries in the world. But even with these high yields, Canadian fisheries are performing below their full potential. Fortunately, we know how to fix things. Science-based fishery management – which establishes science-based catch limits, reduces bycatch and protects habitat — is helping the oceans rebound and recover where it is established. Oceana Canada campaigns for national policies that rebuild fisheries and return Canada’s formerly vibrant oceans to health; reduce the harvesting of depleted fisheries; and avoid impacts to other species. We also work to protect key habitat for fish to breed and grow to maturity. Our campaigns address increasing fisheries management transparency and paving the way to recovery for Canada’s depleted fish populations.

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