Scubagaskets – Simplifying Finding The Right O-Ring

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Looking for a Scuba O-ring part, during servicing your Scuba gear ? Let us help you find what you want easily! 

Probably all diving professionals have came across  during their career, with one of those diagrams in the process of servicing or repairing their gear. The difficult part was to identify the o-rings needed for the job since in those diagrams only a part number is given for each part specifically for the O-rings that wear out most frequently. As for example 01050428 corresponds to an O-ring of a specific hardness size and material.


Scuba gaskets has a big product range based on the AS568 metric system (mostly) regarding the size of the o-rings. Those o-rings are available in 5 different materials (EPDM,FKM black ,NBR,POLY, FKM Green) at 3 different hardness (Shore -Sh) Sh70,Sh75 and Sh 90 . The selection of each o-ring hardness (Sh) is critical, since is closely correlated with the pressure of the environment that is intended to be used.

For applications over 100 bar of pressure the Hard grade (ScubaGaskets Red packs Sh 90) should always be used in order to avoid o-ring burst due to pressure. For under 100 bar of pressure, either Soft grade  (SubaGaskets blue packs Sh 70-Sh75) or   Hard grade (Red packs Sh 90) can be used.

In addition, Nitrile material known as NBR  and Buna-N and EPDM materials should be used only for normal air mixture while FKM  black (viton) can be used for Nitrox and ONLY FKM Green (viton) for 100% oxygen applications.

In order to clear the situation regarding o-ring sizes ,hardness , and material, that each O-ring mentioned in the manufacturers charts and manuals, ScubaGaskets made the identification  in close cooperation with Europe seals BV that has the technical expertise and specialized equipment for this job.

Below you can find the results of this identification. As for example that was mentioned above the  O-ring that has a product no 01050428 corresponds a Polyurethane O-ring size AS568-111 hardness of Sh 90! The exact dimensions and info of each of Scubagaskets products are clearly mentioned on the product it self i.e


 The same task was undertaken for brands like MARES ,SHERWOOD,SUUNTO,APEKS and ScubaGaskets objective is to go on with as many scuba gear brands as possible in the future.





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