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Great news for diving centers – Scubagaskets can cut down your scuba gear maintenance cost

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ScubaGaskets has made its place visible in the area of the scuba diving industry lately,  as they have managed to offer hard to find  products the scuba diving industry were looking for!

S.G. ScubaGaskets mission is to provide the best possible quality of O-rings, used in scuba diving industry mostly for service purposes, in the most cost effective way. Scubagaskets has been receiving a lot of questions, from their customers, related with O-rigs size, material and hardness for parts that needed to be replaced during annual gear services. Since all diving gear brands use a numeric product code for their O-rings parts, without giving away the actual dimensions and manufacturing material of the O-ring, made all scuba diving industry professional heavily dependable on the service kits that each brand was selling in whatever price was offered.

In the process of constant development ScubaGaskets saw that need and undertook the task of identify the exact characteristics of the O-rings per brand, in order to help their customers find the O-rings that they need for their scuba gear maintenance.

Since the beginning of 2017 many O-ring parts have been identified for brands like Scubapro, Mares, Suunto, Sherwood, and Apeks  http://scubagaskets.com/o-ring-finder/ providing the ScubaGaskets colored product  code along with the dimensions and exact characteristics of each O-ring like hardness (Sh70 or Sh90) material FKM ,EPDM,NBR,POLY, and dimensions.

All those products and many more O-rings are available for sale in their page   at http://scubagaskets.com/product-list/ .One can find all their products in their  catalogue http://scubagaskets.com/catalogue/

The most successful category is the O-rings related with diving computers and watches,  since those products are offered in a pack of  10 O-rings  but  50-60% cheaper of what is available in the market at the moment and with the quality of Europe seals BV.

ScubaGaskets will continue the identification process for many more scuba gear brands offering probably the biggest product range in the world for scuba diving O-rings.

Learn more about ScubaGaskets at http://www.scubagaskets.com


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