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Shearwater Cloud Now In Open Beta Phase

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Shearwater Research Inc. is excited to announce that Shearwater Cloud is now available as an Open Beta. With cloud computing Shearwater divers will be able to link their network of mobile devices and share information between them.

With Shearwater Cloud you are able to review and edit your dive logs with more descriptive fields than in Shearwater Desktop. Additionally, the app is also capable of performing firmware updates and changing the language in your dive computer. For Shearwater users that have been experiencing issues connecting to Shearwater Desktop with Windows 7, the Shearwater Cloud addresses this problem.


Th app is currently supported for iOS (10.0+) and Android (5.0+) and compatible with the Perdix AI, Perdix, and Petrel 2 dive computers. The desktop version of Shearwater Cloud for Windows and Mac will be released in the future which will offer additional support to Petrel 1, Predator, and NERD.

Shearwater Cloud is available for download immediately on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store is currently pending approval and will be available shortly. You can navigate to either of these downloads by visiting Shearwater’s website or visiting the store on your device.

Learn more about Shearwater at: https://www.shearwater.com



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