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What is so Special about Scubagaskets Scuba O-rings?

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Scubagaskets differs from most of scuba O-ring suppliers because we cooperate with a specialist company in the area of seals (gaskets) EUROPE SEALS BV Holland.

Why is this so important for scuba diving industry ? Since scuba diving is related with human life support systems, the highest possible product quality of any O-ring that scuba diving industry use, must be guaranteed!

Europe seals offers quality product guarantee for all Scubagaskets O-rings!

That is why Scubagaskets O-rings are so different from other unbranded or unknown origin and properties O-rings, that circulate in the market as scuba O-rings.

About Europe Seals

Europe Seals has a strong cooperation with several leading O-Ring and molded parts manufacturers in the world. The company mission statement is to supply the best possible industrial sealing products, and reaching the highest level of customer satisfaction! The manufacturing plants are using unique economic process technologies to produce high quality products according to U.S.A. and European specifications, standards and approvals. The production plants and organizations have ISO 9001, QS 9000, TS16949 and Aerospace AS 9100 approvals. Moreover they do have the German Automotive approval: VDA Audit.

Scubagaskets have used the expertise of Europseals in order to identify the material and shore of many Scuba gear manufactures O-ring parts that needed for scuba gear service. At the moment we have identify and have available for sale at scubagaskets, many O-ring part numbers for Sherwood, Scubapro, Mares, Suunto and in the future more brands will follow. http://scubagaskets.com/o-ring-finder/


The manufacturing plants are producing products made out of various different rubber (metal bonded) materials, not only standard NBR, FPM, MVQ and EPDM but also EPT and a special EPDM rubber material used for water and heating applications. The production plants are mixing their own rubber materials in order to control the complete production process from the beginning up to the finished product. Full product traceability guaranteed!

The manufacturing plant has an extensive range of O-Ring production tools for Metric and International standard sizes direct available. (AS 568A, DIN 3771, BS 1806, JIS B2401, ISO 3601-1)

Constant Quality

Quality awareness is the most important issue through the entire company, to guarantee the highest possible quality level during the production progress, the manufacturing facilities have various testing laboratories, automatic control machines, and different manual final inspection lines in place.

All of Scubagaskets o-rings come in 100 O-ring sealed plastic jars. However after many customers request scubagaskets now offer 7 Scuba O-ring service kits made from our stock (Viton-FKM, EPDM,NBR)

By buying Scubagaskets O-rings your product quality is guaranteed by Europe seals.

That’s why Europeseals allow us to print their name in every product of scuba gaskets O-rings.

Learn more at: http://www.scubagaskets.com


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