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Underwater Kinetics brings divers great new lighting tools for the new diving season

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The new Mini Q40 Mk2 is a bright update on a classic light.

Underwater Kinetics

Because of its small size and versatile features, the light is perfect for travel use. Use the strong spot beam for wreck diving, as a spot light, or to look under ledges and crevices to see better into tight spaces.

Measuring just 7” in length and weighing only 6.5oz with batteries, this light will go with you anywhere. It comes with a mask strap attachment that makes it possible to easily attach the light to your dive mask for hands free use, making it perfect for activities where you need to use both hands, like lobster diving.

The Mini Q40 Mk2 is an incredibly reliable and easy light to use. It’s powered by 4AA batteries, with a long life LED bulb and a robust body design that will never corrode.

Divers can easily operate the light with the robust push button switch, which is easy to press even with heavy gloves on.

The light is backed up by UK’s renowned iron clad warranty that guarantees piece of mind for divers.

Underwater Kinetics


Also new from UK is the Aqualite Travel Grip. This folding and articulating photo tray is perfect for travelers and underwater photographers and videographers.

It folds down to just a few inches in size, making it easy to pack into almost any bag. When collapsed, it  will easily slide into a backpack, laptop bag, or even your pocket. When in use, it folds out for wide lighting, or fits up to two lights and one compact camera when folded up into its standard configuration.

Underwater Kinetics

Compatible with any compact underwater camera and fitted for up to two UK Aqualite Pro 100 lights, this tray makes for a premium accessory for a great photo/ video light. The lights can pump out up to 1200 lumens of high quality white LED light underwater, transforming your footage and images to professional quality.

The tray is also compatible with the Aqualite UV lights, which create a truly memorable experience of underwater color.

Now included free of charge with any purchase of a UK Aqualite Pro 100 light, and available as an accessory at all well stocked dive shops.

Learn more about Underwater Kinetics at: http://www.uwk.com


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Underwater Kinetics has been manufacturing high quality scuba diving gear in the USA since 1971. The company is committed to making the most innovative and efficient products on the market that will last a lifetime. All UK products are still manufactured in the company’s own factory in San Diego, CA.

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