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Halifax Mermaids is a division of parent company Canadian Mermaids. The Halifax Mermaids provide educational entertainment for people of all ages, using mermaids with high quality realistic tails. The Halifax Mermaids believe in the power of imagination as a learning and healthy development tool. Our goal is to provide clients with a lasting experience that helps them nurture their inner child while also learning about the world around them.

Mermaids provide unique imaginative experiences for kids, mermaid makeover experiences, and education for adults who want to be mermaids, since 2007.

Learning with Mermaids

The Halifax Mermaids are more than just a fun way to entertain kids. With a background in child and youth development and elementary education, Raina enjoys ensuring an educational component to the business. As written about in our “about” section, the mermaids believe in the value of learning through play. Our interactions with people are frequently based on the principles determined by Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence. We know through that theory and practical based application that people learn through a variety of ways. Studies in emergent curriculum show that one of those ways is play- and that play is very valuable. We also try to encourage people to construct and build upon their own knowledge. We want to educate everyone. So how do we do it?

Ever since the early days, Raina has been working educational events. Some are for children and some are for adults, some are for all ages!

Sometimes we’re doing a circle time at a local daycare or a museum. We teach kids in a developmentally appropriate way about plastic pollution, how it ends up in the ocean food chain, about animals, and ocean experiences. We promote literacy through story telling and encouraging reading with examples. We bring hands on activities and tactile objects. We sing little songs, we play little games. We typically end with an exchange by giving the children a token to remember their lessons. Years later we still have kids come to us who have been to an educational event and remember what we taught them!

One of our popular workshops is a multicultural workshop based on oral story telling and cultural understanding. We present mermaids throughout history and culture in their literary and mythical forms. Kids are engaged by contributing to the story telling process, and it’s a great way for kids of all background to see part of themselves in the myths.

We often do curriculum specific activities in Nova Scotia based around the ocean for schools, science centres, and public events.

 Sometimes learning happens on a more sporadic level. Maybe it happens when we visit a summer camp and explore the ocean with them. Or it can happen during a regular birthday party when the kids have an innate need to know more about the ocean, and the mermaids are more than happy to explain!

Raina is also dedicated to educating adults. We do this in several ways. One way is through our blog! We try to help adults become aware of concepts surrounding children and the ocean. Raina also visits universities and high schools to speak about building a unique business, working outside the box, and applying key-concepts from child care and education in the real world. (Yes- even adults get her to arrive in costume). Raina also runs online and in person workshops on a variety of topics including keeping mermaid work developmentally appropriate for kids. Raina has published two books on the topic and does many in person and online Q & A along with helpful video logs.

The mermaids do their best to keep up to date on current issues. Individually they donate to a variety of children and environmental related charities. As a company they also do the same both financially and through the gift of volunteering. You can check out the booking section on how to book the mermaids for an educational event. Raina also participates in ongoing professional development so we can be sure our company is in a top-notch position to provide the best experience for you!

Our educational goals are the following: Install in all people a sense of ownership and responsibility over the environment by helping to foster a personal relationship with the environment. Educate adults to the value both academically, and developmentally of play. Foster that sense of play and imagination in children and adults. Provide opportunities for people to use their imagination. Finally, we want to help create the standard for mermaid performing across the globe by educating other performers about the unique needs of children and empowering them to take a greater role in their business and protecting the environment.

Based in Nova Scotia, and travelling around Canada, these mermaids will entertain, educate, and inspire you. 

Learn more at: http://halifaxmermaids.weebly.com/




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