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How To Order The Right O’Rings for Your Needs

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Most Scuba Diving Centers quest for o-rings that need replacement in lots of different diving equipment but don’t have all the information for the O-ring that they need. This is forces them to order a complete service kit where in reality they need only a specific size o-ring.

At scubagaskets.com we can help you find whatever o-ring you are looking for in 3 simple steps!

Sea to Sky

Step 1. Go to the following link and download and PRINT scuba gaskets catalog

Step 2. Do you know where your scuba o-ring is used ?

Liquid Diving

NO: Go to page 2 of scubagaskets catalog and match your o-ring manually with our actual size o-ring chart to find the product code you are looking for.

YES: Go to page 4 and look in to our application guide to find the product code you are looking for.

Step 3. If the above are not good enough and you know the o-ring dimensions in mm or in inches go page 3 of scubagaskets catalog and find the product code based on the dimensions of your o-ring

In addition to help you out with your search remember that Shore 90 (hard grade- red pack) is suggested to be used in high pressure applications (over 100bars) and Shore 70 or 75 (soft grade- blue pack ) suggested to be used in low pressure applications (under 100bars).FKM material (viton – green pack) for oxygen en-reached mixtures NBR material (Nitril) for normal air.

Hoping that those simple guidelines will make all diving centers life easier!

Learn more and order online at: http://www.scubagaskets.com




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