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They say a picture paints a thousand words and the same can be said of this video by William Messner. Wounded Heroes Foundation and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago provide an annual scuba diving day for disabled vets with volunteer help from RIC, WHF and DJ’s Scuba Locker.

Both New Zealand and Australian forces have stood (and continue to stand) side by side with the US forces and have suffered loss and disability. Where there is loss, there is also the potential for hope given the support of communities. This video offers a glimpse of the amazing events of that day and is a shining example of what can be achieved. It was clearly a positive and transformative experience for those involved.

William declined to share his biography for this article because, in his words, ‘I appreciate your request for my bio but I would like the entire focus to be on the inspiration your subscribers would gain, seeing this short video of these amazing people.  We need reminders of the personal price some have paid for our freedoms…For scuba divers, this is a meaningful message.’

Turn you audio on for this video and be inspired:


More information on the annual event can be found here.


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