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Introducing Custom Diving Services, Ontario, Canada

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Custom Diving Services

Image courtesy of Custom Diving Services

Welcome to Canada’s Premier Drysuit Repair & Sales Facility

Sea to Sky

Custom Diving Services is your Premier Drysuit Repair & Sales facility, located one hour north of Toronto In Midhurst. We cater to the needs of Sport & Technical Divers, Fire & Police Services and Commercial Divers.

If you are in need of any Drysuit Service, Sales or Advice, we are excited to work with you and share our knowledge and experience in the industry as well as the sport of scuba diving. Here at Custom Diving Services we pride ourselves on providing fast on-time service for everyone’s budget needs.  We will not complete any work on your suit without your approval first.

Liquid Diving

We work on all brands and styles of Drysuits including the Mustang Ice Commanders and Swiftwater Rescue suits which are used by many of the Fire and Police Departments. With the support of all the major manufactures behind us, Custom Diving Services can supply any product required to repair your suit and stocks every part possible for your Drysuit Repairs. We understand how important it is to have your suit returned as quickly as possible. We can provide this service by keeping a large stock of products and have the equipment to do any repair or alteration to your suit!

Here at Custom Diving Services we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and are experts at keeping you dry in your Drysuit. When you receive your Drysuit you will quickly see the quality of our work which is comparable as to when the suit was new!

Our shop is available for you to help and service the needs of our diving community. Custom drysuits are available. Let us know if you require one.

Learn more at http://www.customdivingservices.net/




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