Mass Coral Bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef

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The majestic Great Barrier Reef is Australia’s most iconic dive site, for many a good reason. It is of immense size, stretching 2,300 kilometres along the north east coast of Queensland, covering an area 5 times the size of Tasmania.



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Poppy is originally from the UK but currently lives in a small van parked up somewhere in Australia! She gained a primary school teaching degree from Plymouth University and specialises in science. Poppy has an absolute passion and drive for environmental education and enjoys working anywhere in this field. She is a keen traveller, seeing and learning as much as possible around the world. Her big dream is to own a business, teaching children about the wonders of the outdoors and our natural world. Poppy believes that people, and children in particular, will only want to save what they love. So her mission is to help people to see the wonders of our world, and lead them on a journey to loving it.

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