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KISS Welcomes New Instructors & Instructor Trainers

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We are extremely excited to congratulate Edd Sorenson, Jonathan Bernot, and Mike Young, our latest KISS instructors! These individuals represent a wide range of accolades and experiences within the diving world. With such a gradual increase in public interest of rebreathers, we are proud to welcome these long overdue additions to our already solid team of instructors.

Underwater rescuer and cave instructor Edd Sorenson has joined the ranks and is now a full KISS instructor. Traditionally many have believed that Sorenson was a dedicated open‐circuit only diver. However, in reality he had just not found the rebreather that fit his need for daily sidemount diving. He will be hosting some Sidekick vs. Sidewinder demos soon – so make sure to follow Marianna dive shop Cave Adventurers on Facebook for more updates.

KISS Instructor Jonathan Bernot is so passionate about sharing his love for the Sidekick that he completed his Sidekick Instructor Trainer course. His appreciation for practical simplicity of this side‐mountable rebreather makes him the perfect candidate to produce the highest level of quality instructors. Those interested in becoming a KISS Sidekick instructor, please reach out to Bernot and High Springs based his team at Cave Country Dive Shop

KISS owner and developer Mike Young has finished his instructor course in the beautiful cave systems of the Bahamas. Under the instruction of cave and technical pioneer Tom Mount, Young has decided taken his passion for rebreathers to the next level and become an instructor. If you are interested in receiving training from the person who designs and manufactures the units, he is the person to contact.

While not in training, the group (Brian Kakuk, Tom Mount, and Mike Young) had the chance to do a bit of product testing and refinement on prototype of the upcoming Sidewinder. With well over 100 years of cumulative diving experience among the group, it was the ideal opportunity to reflect on the design and discuss potential improvements.

Learn more about KISS Rebreathers at: http://kissrebreathers.com


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KISS Rebreathers is located in the Fort Smith, Arkansas. They have been building and designing rebreathers since 1995, with the first units being sold in 1998. Learn more at: http://www.thescubanews.com/contributors/kiss-rebreathers/

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