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Cool Scuba Jobs – Great White Shark Guide

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Have you ever wondered how to become a Great White shark guide? Look no further as we introduce you to the world of shark dive guiding and how to choose a responsible operator for your own Great White experience of a lifetime.

What makes being a Great White shark guide so cool?

As a guide, you can expect to spend your days at sea with great white sharks and get to know their individual personalities whilst also spreading the word about shark conservation.  It offers the opportunity to spend time with wildlife such as blue and mako sharks, dolphins, whales and pelagic bird species if you guide within South Africa. This cool scuba job also allows you to travel to and enjoy other destinations such as Australia, New Zealand and Guadalupe.

How do you become a shark guide?

Studying marine biology and qualifying as a Dive Master are helpful but not essential. Experience is important and volunteering as a dive guide at your local centre or working with tourists in hospitality are great ways to gain relevant skills. Companies are also interested in boat handling, maintenance or physical strength for hoisting cages. Many guides complete internships before they begin paid employment and a proactive approach is a must in this competitive industry.

What constitutes responsible cage diving?

A responsible operator doesn’t chum the water excessively and avoids feeding the sharks whenever possible. It is possible to prevent sharks associating boats and humans with food by using best practice techniques. Good bait handlers keep bait lines long and loose to encourage relaxed shark behaviour and avoid dragging the line over the cage or moving swiftly to ‘play’ the shark.

When searching online for good operators, take note of their marketing and ask questions.  Look for an operator that provides a wildlife safari focusing on education, awareness and guest comfort onboard. Trip Advisor provides up to date and honest reviews of most companies.


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About Author

Kathryn has lived in the UK, Egypt, South Africa and New Zealand and is a trained scuba diving instructor and Great White shark safari guide. She is the author of No Damage (December 2014), the Managing Editor of The Scuba News New Zealand, a freelance writer, public speaker and co-founder of the marine conservation cause Friends for Sharks (August 2014). In 2015 she organised and completed a 10-month global speaking tour in aid of shark conservation: 87 events, 8 countries, 7000 people. Learn more about Kathryn’s book, No Damage at: http://www.kathrynhodgsonauthor.com/books/no-damage/

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