Malpelo with Amazing Adventures Travel

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Finally the temps in the Pacific are cooling off and with that comes an explosion of marine life to remote Malpelo!
Nowhere else in the world can you dive with so many sharks and giant schools of big fish. Plus, it’s easy to get to — just fly in/out of Panama City! From there, you will board the 115′ M/V Yemaya for the crossing to Malpelo Island. This sinister and forbidding rock formation plunges into the abysmal depths of the Pacific Ocean.
A wild and spectacular marine environment awaits for you to explore. You’ll be blown away by the schools of hammerheads and silky sharks, plus a variety of other shark species, like the Galapagos shark, whale shark and white-tip shark, together with huge schools of other big fish species.
Amazing Adventures Travel has exclusive charters on the Yemaya for 2016 & 2017:
July 23 – August 2, 2016 ($4240-$5040) – Save $200!
October 13-22, 2016 ($3930-$4300)
July 15-25, 2017 ($4465-$5305)

Check out the amazing diving on the Yemaya and contact us for further information and bookings! Hope you can join us!

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