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New Shipwreck Book – Wreck Hunter 2 – The Adventure Continues

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There are over 10,000 shipwrecks off the coast of Nova Scotia with an astonishing less than one percent having ever been located. The possibilities and opportunities for new discoveries of shipwrecks are limitless. Spend some time in the company of an adventurer, find out what makes him tick and join in on some of his real life adventures. Experience the thrills, excitement and challenges that are associated with searching for shipwrecks and sunken treasure. Learn about the latest cutting edge technology, techniques and tools used to locate shipwrecks. Read about the laws, policies, opinions, players and politics, as well as the resulting problems and issues currently affecting the controversial and often public debate concerning shipwrecks. Finally take a glimpse into the future a she adventure continues into unchartered areas of shipwreck exploration.


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Foreword of WRECK HUNTER 2 – by Phil Nuytten

It is nothing short of amazing how quickly the phrase ‘sunken treasure’ can start a diver’s heart pounding. It also produces a whole series of mental questions. Questions like:  Where? How deep? What kind of treasure? How much? Who does it belong to? How can I get involved?

Almost all ‘sunken treasure’ starts with a shipwreck, and, to a large number of scuba divers, the ‘treasure’ is the shipwreck itself. The discovery, authentication and exploration of a previously undisturbed wreck is most often the pay-off that justifies all the effort and cost involved. Of course, a slice of actual treasure, in whatever form it takes, is certainly a welcome addition!

In this book, author Terry Dwyer makes a strong point early on when he writes, “Every shipwreck has a unique story to tell of how and why it came to be in its final resting place.” The stories of several shipwrecks are well-told in the following pages. Terry Dwyer really has ‘been there, done that’. This book, his second on the subject he loves, tells of the ins and outs and the ups and downs of those who make wreck hunting and treasure salvage not just their business, but their absolute passion. Terry Dwyer is one of those people.

I consider Terry Dwyer to be not only a colleague in the subsea field, but also a friend and shipmate. I’ve been fortunate enough to dive on a number of shipwrecks in Terry’s ‘territory’, and can say without reservation that this part of the North Atlantic is the graveyard of an enormous collection of first-class wrecks.

Yet, I have barely dipped a toe compared to his thirty-odd years of shipwreck research and exploration. That decades-long dedication is why Terry is considered to be one of the foremost authorities on shipwrecks in Eastern Canada. You will find that this continuation of Terry Dwyer’s 2005 book ‘Wreck Hunter – the Quest for Lost Shipwrecks’ is every bit as fascinating as the original. Enjoy the voyage!

Phil Nuytten Publisher of Canadian DIVER Magazine

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Terry Dwyer shares his many years of real world adventure and experience in the hunt for shipwrecks. We all have a little “Indiana Jones” in us, the need to discover and explore, and Terry is without a doubt, an underwater Indian Jones. Today on  this world of political correctness, there is an attitude promoted by the archaeological community that private individuals should not have access to shipwrecks. It is refreshing to meet a Maverick like Terry, who does not toe the line of the “idealistic” marine archaeologists and says it like it really is. Terry is a champion for all shipwreck divers. You will enjoy the book as I did.

Garry Kozak, GK Consulting

I grew up in the Bahamas and learned the wonders of the sea at an early age. By my mid twenties I became more and more fascinated with shipwrecks and then it turned to obsession. When I met Terry in 2005, I had already made most of the mistakes I thought it was possible to make in the undersea salvage business. Terry not only caused a paradigm shift in my thinking but also made me better and wiser than anyone I had previously been associated with in this industry. This book is a must read for anyone interested in shipwrecks.

Paul Roman – President of Marine Archaeological Research Recovery Systems 

Order your copy on line at www.wreckhunter.ca


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