New Patented System To Take Your Devices Under Water With You

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Who does not think about getting into water with a smartphone and catching the best diving moments to send them directly by WhatsApp with no need to reach home? Listening to an audio guide about the story of the wreck you are diving through would be a dream for lots of divers. Many marine scientist would be pleased to take notes, open Office or PDF files, listening to an audio or just take pictures or videos using a tablet or iPad while diving. No need to spend a fortune on a housing in order to get into the water with your camera. All of this and much more is what Subsea Project offers with the Sp series.

Sp3-P (1)

The Sp system is made up of two basic elements, one flexible housing and the C1 unit, heart of Sp patented system. The C1 unit, connected to the flexible housing, automatically controls the volume inside in order to protect the device from the water pressure. With Sp patented system it is possible to protect a wide range of devices, the most common are smartphones, tablets or cameras. In fact any  device which can fit inside an hermetic flexible housing. That is why Subsea can also make “scuba proof” the flexible housing that you are using just to take pictures on the shore. Another advantage is that thanks to the housings’ design you will be able to protect different models of the same devices using the same housing so no need to buy a new housing if you buy the new model of your old mobile phone, tablet or camera!

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All of this and much more is what Subsea Project offers with the Sp series.

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