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Journey with the mermaids into the wonders of the sea

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Journey with the mermaids  into wonders of the sea, see the amazing creatures that live below the waves  and learn about the ecological issues  causing the destruction of the marine environment.
This imaginative and interactive learning experience enables children to embark on a magical journey into the underwater world and how Zaza, the mermaid loves her home  under the sea and all her friends that live there. Combining real eco- issues with fun, the children actively create their own meeting with the underwater world  through storytelling, imagery, sound and drawing.
The workshop combines  amazing photography and recordings of whales and dolphins to bring Zaza’s world to life. The session includes a drawing activity when the kids create  their own mermaid /merboy and the world she / he lives and explores.

Next Workshop

Saturday November 21st @ Gracelands Yard

102 Liddell Gardens, London NW10 3QE

Zaza and her friends in the Sea

Ages 5 – 10 years old

10 am – 12 pm



Whats Involved

Children get to draw, have fun and learn about marine eco issues through the eyes of Zaza the Mermaid. A magical interactive experience using storytelling, photography and sound. 

What do you take home?

Children create a book based on the underwater world, drawings and marine eco info.

The Marine Foundation

Learn more about the Marine Foundation at: http://www.themarinefoundation.org


Blue Horizon

About Author

Celia Gregory is a sculptor from UK, an internationally acclaimed artist and founder of the Marine Foundation. Since 2012 Celia is a member of the Ocean Artists Society. The Marine foundation is funded by the Roddick foundation, Artist Project Earth, Body Shop Indonesia and PATA Foundation. Learn more at: http://www.thescubanews.com/contributors/celia-gregory/

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