Celia Gregory

Celia Gregory

Celia Gregory is a sculptor from UK, an internationally acclaimed artist and founder of the Marine Foundation. Since 2012 Celia is a member of the Ocean Artists Society. The Marine foundation is funded by the Roddick foundation, Artist Project Earth, Body Shop Indonesia and PATA Foundation. In the past 5 years, the foundation has created and installed underwater sculptures in four key locations in Indonesia in areas where the coral reefs were badly damaged and worked in close collaboration with acclaimed scientists, environmental NGOs, local artists and stakeholders.

The most famous of the sculptures, The Coral Goddess www.facebook.com/pages/The-Coral-Goddess within the Karang Lestari Bio-rock reef regeneration project in Pemuteran, Bali, won a UNDP award for marine conservation.

For more info about the partners, please visit www.reefcheck.or.id, www.coral.org. The project can be viewed on the PATA foundation website. http://www.patafoundation.org/?p=1064

For Further information about atending the event visit www.themarinefoundation.org


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