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Submerged Sports Ltd (UK) Negotiates a Deal with J Water Thompson (Cairo) and The Egyptian Tourism Agency

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October 2015 saw Daniel Goodman managing director of Submerged Sports, sit with the head account manager for J Walter Thompson (Cairo) the facilitators and handlers of the Tourism Campaign for Egypt and negotiate a contract for 2016 & 2017, which will benefit both the diving industry, and tourism, for the whole of Egypt and the Red Sea. They agreed that Egypt should be helping sponsor water sports events and world record attempts to better the Red Sea profile abroad and show exactly how amazing Egypt is to the rest of the world.

JWT Cairo

Sea to Sky

The plan being that the Submerged Sports clients; Jenny Lord, Leo Morales and Indigo Bolandrini will proudly be representing Egypt and its amazing tourism spots by becoming Ambassadors for Egyptian Tourism.

Fulfilling this role, they will be figureheads for Egypt at International Diving events around the world as well as providing a series of events throughout the Rea Sea. Social media will be ablaze with #this_is_egypt and logs of these adventures start now!

Within this period Leo Morales will be attempting to beat his own record to become the World’s Deepest Open Circuit Scuba Diver (Disabled). Leo, from Cancun (Mexico) is an avid lover of Egypt;having frequented the Rea Sea on his previous visits, he wants to show the world exactly how stunning the land can be. He has chosen the World Renowned Blue Hole to be the location of his next mission to prove that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Jenny Lord is already based in Dahab; she shall be attempting the World’s Deepest Open Circuit Scuba Diver (Female) with an international ALL FEMALE dive team. Jenny shows passion for Egypt in every way and is a true representative of the English Diver in Sinai. She empowers women the world over to realise their dreams.

Indigo Bolandrini is based at El Gouna; she will be raising the profile of Egypt and the conservation of her beautiful seas. There are already major diving clean ups planned throughout the year and Indigo shall be the figurehead behind them. She will be involving and engaging the younger generation in understanding the effects of the human imprint and impact on the environment whilst raising the profile of some of the most beautiful places in the world.

Submerged Sports

Team Submerged are proud to be a part of such an effort to boost Tourism and the Economy of Egypt and being able to represent a country so close to their hearts.

Learn more about Submerged Sports at http://www.submergedsports.co.uk


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