Waterfront Protest Planned in Cayman to Oppose Dredging that will Destroy Acres of Reefs

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SAVECAYMAN.ORG organizers say they are not against the cruise berthing facility itself, but they ARE adamantly opposed to destruction of George Town Harbour’s marine environment

Young volunteers with SaveCayman.org, which works to preserve Cayman’s environment, are rallying the Caymanian community for a public protest on Saturday, October 17 to oppose the destruction of 15 acres of coral reefs to make way for a cruise berthing facility the Government has green-lighted. Motivated by something that will impact their future, young Caymanians are encouraging everyone to take a stand against the dredging and to urge their Government to consider other options that don’t require significant reef destruction.

Save Cayman

“We are gathering to show the Government how widespread and strong the opposition to the destruction of GT harbor’s marine environment is amongst Caymanians,” says avid free diver Jessica Lopez. “The majority of Caymanians are very concerned about the Government’s announcement to move forward with this plan. We support improvement to cruise facilities, however we oppose this method, which involves unnecessary coral reef destruction.”

Save Cayman

George Town Harbour is home to some of Grand Cayman’s most famous dive sites; Devil

“As potentially the largest capital project our Islands have ever seen, with significant implications for the development of our country, this is a decision we need to make very carefully so that we can ensure the sustainable development of our country,” adds Gabriella Hernandez, also working hard to rally the community for the protest. “We believe that through cooperation and inclusivity, we can achieve this together and work towards a better solution. By doing so, we can build a destination that our visitors and tourists can admire and enjoy whilst improving the quality of life for Caymanians.”

Save Cayman

Crystal clear water, abundant marine life thrill school kids on this submarine ride in George Town Harbour. This excursion will not be possible in the harbour area because of dredging.

Hernandez adds that they are hoping to encourage a transparent, fair, and fully informed discussion as to how Cayman can improve its port facilities WITHOUT the irrevocable loss and destruction of its reefs. The volunteers say the response from the community so far is excellent, and they expect hundreds to show up for the protest on Saturday.

Save Cayman

One of Cayman’s most popular dive sites Devil’s Grotto, famous for fantastic photo opportunities during the summer when the silversides migrate, is at risk.

The demonstration will start at 3 pm at the George Town waterfront across from Breezes, and people should take this opportunity to stand together and plead with Government to reconsider. A petition against the dredging will also be available for people to sign at the waterfront rally.

For more information on the rally and the organization visit www.savecayman.org.

About Save Cayman

Save Cayman (www.savecayman.org) is a grassroots organization of individuals who share a mission to protect the underwater environment of the Cayman Islands, while promoting sustainable tourism for future generations. It was formed by concerned individuals responding to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) that projected the destruction of coral reefs in advance of the government-proposed cruise berthing facility in George Town harbour.



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