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Books – The Cenotes of the Riviera Maya 2016

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THE CENOTES OF THE RIVIERA MAYA 2016 will be published on September 21, 2016 by Page Publishing of New York City.

With 640 pages of useful information, maps, and photos this black & white text packed within 12 chapters including

  • The Riviera Maya,
  • The Environment,
  • Geological Introduction to the Quintana Roo Cave Systems,
  • How to Safely Snorkel in the Riviera Maya,
  • Safe Cenote Diving,
  • The Dive Sites,
  • Accident Analysis,
  • Techniques,
  • Cave Diving Exploration,
  • The Arrival of Humans and Megafauna,
  • Protecting A Fragile Environment,
  • How to Plan and Pack for your Riviera Maya Adventure,
  • Glossary and Appendix.

This book will provide the reader with all the valuable information to safely visit and enjoy the Western Hemisphere’s most popular tourist destination located in the Yucatan peninsula of (Cancun) Mexico.

The author – Steve Penn Gerrard – has used his 33 years of experience in the Riviera Maya to create this very educational and informative tool.  He can be contacted at:  stevepenngerrard@hotmail.com  or call him at: 001 – (334) – 578 – 3786.   Available in both eBook and hard copy editions through Page Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, McGraw-Hill, Harper Collins, etc. and fifty countries.



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