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Chawel – The change anywhere/outdoor towel

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Invented by a Canadian lifeguard, the CHAWEL (CHAnging toWEL) is a uniquely designed muti use product that is easy to carry, and easy to use

The inventor, Dan Plante, saw a need for this product in 2002, when he saw mothers struggling with holding a towel around children when they were changing, and adults on the beach trying to change without the towel falling off and exposing themselves

Sea to Sky

The Chawel is simple to use – simply put it over your head and pull it down to cover you, and get changed underneath with no embarrassment. When you have just come back from a dive, the wind or even just the air temperature can be cold to wet skin. Placing the Chawel on to change not only gives you privacy, but keeps you warm and dry. When you have finished changing, you can use the Chawel to dry off any remaining areas of skin, keeping you dry and comfortable

This product comes in a fleecy lined version for people in cooler climates, with an optional hooded version, for additional warmth, and a more lightweight version for people living in or traveling to, warmer climates

Liquid Diving

It also comes in a variety of colors and in the HD and Hybrid versions – The HD series is the next level up from the basic LX series. The HD has all of the same features as the LX, with the addition of a Hood that will give you extra warmth and cover from the elements and dry your hair at the same time. The Hybrid HD makes a more comfy neck pillow than the other Chawel models. And the Sport HD version can be used as well with a little extra folding on one side before rolling.

Sleeping bag/liner & Blanket: choose the Hybrid HD for cooler weather locations. Use it as an extra layer in your sleeping bag, or a Sleep mat cover. If you are traveling in warmer climates or need to pack smaller, any of the Sport models will fit .

If you prefer to open the Chawel up to have armholes, this can easily be done by snipping the seam between the bar tack stitches. This is just one of the new additions that make this HD series so great. Extra security on the beach or when traveling, there is a large or hidden zipper pocket for placing your keys etc This also allows the HD to stuff into itself for another pillow use, or to carry.

The addition of the optional hood will give more warmth, and can be used to dry your hair.

The beauty of this product is that is has many uses. If you travel, you know that often, blankets and pillows are now charged for and that often, the air conditioning is cranked up to too cold for many people. The Chawel can be rolled up as a neck pillow, and can also be opened up to be used as a blanket. In fact, the perfect travel accessory

For outdoor activities, like camping, firework displays, or just chilling in nature, the Chawel, can be used as a rug, a blanket, a liner to keep the bugs off in the evenings or even a sleeping bag, in fact a great many uses for a small price.

Learn more about Chawel at: http://www.kirkscubagear.com/?filtering=1&filter_manufacturer=2175



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